News Library News: Summer 1993

News Library News: Summer 1993 (Vol. 15 No. 4)

Megafile Quickly Defeated: Limited Access Remains A Long-Term Battle by Ginny Everett
The Aside Bar by Mona Hatfield
People by Barbara Hijek
Notes From The Chair by Donna Scheeder
It’s “-30-” for Chair John Cronin by John Cronin
Do you have an attitude? Good — then I have a job for you! by Elizabeth Whisnant
Student stipend winner a defender of the role of news librarians (Julie Bolding)
Rhydwen Continuing Education Program: Developing and Marketing Information Products and Services
Today’s Good Photo Collection The Roadbed For Tomorrow’s Digital Image Superhighway by Elaine Raines
CD-ROM information: A fun new toy, an effective new tool
Looking to 2000: A Seven Year Countdown
Marketing with CD-ROM: A New Spin On Existing Sales Opportunities
Awards Banquet Highlights Conference Fun
Digital Imaging … worth ten thousand words! by Mona Hatfield
What The President Meant To Say…(Here’s what he really said) by Margot Williams
Bringing You The News: Resources in Radio Libraries and Archives
Looking Ahead to Atlanta by Mary Kate Leming
Minutes of the Annual Business Meeting Monday, June 7, 1993
And the winners are… (new officers)
Treasurer’s Report by Lu-Ann Farrar
IRE Regional Conference ‘Computing: The News Frontier’ set for Oct. 21-24

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News Library News: Fall 1993 (Vol. 16 No. 1)

News Librarians + New Technologies = Career Paths by Julie Bolding
The Aside Bar by Mona Hatfield
People by Barbara Hijek
Notes from the Chair by Donna Scheeder
Casting Call for the Clearinghouse
Public Relations Committee going strong; now it’s your turn by Elizabeth Whisnant
U Know Logo?
Letter to the Editor: Photo archiving update
Fee Based/Public Service Survey Revisited!!! by Jo Reitman
United Kingdom librarians meet in Edinburgh by Helen Martin
California News Librarians Caucus in Monterey by Monica Jackson
A News Division Focus On Our Changing Work Environment by Debra K. Bade
News Division Calendar
Report of the Automation Committee
In Case You Missed It Last Night by Carol Ashurst and Leone Earls
News Librarian Listserv Debuts On Internet by Pete Basofin
Money, Money, Money, Money —- Money! by Lu-Ann Farrar