News Library News: Fall 1996 National Convention Coverage, AUKML and Webbing the Newsroom

Thanks to Charlie Campo, the Fall 1996 issue of News Library News has been added to the collection.  Thanks for scanning this and other issues to be added soon. Read it this issue here.  Read other issues of News Library News here.

This is the table of contents:

Highlights: Research At The GOP Convention | The Aside Bar | Notes From The Chair | People | National Convention Coverage: In The Big Tent | National Convention Coverage: San Diego Bound | National Convention Coverage: Planning For The Scripted Event | Web News: Webbing The Newsroom | News Division Has An Official Webmaster | Those Who Can, Still Can Teach | Awards Committee Seeking Nominations | Play On Words: AUKML Style United Kingdom Media Librarians Meeting Durham, England July 5-7, 1996

News Library News: Fall 1995

Here is the latest addition to the News Library News archive:

News Library News: Fall 1995 (Vol. 18 No. 1)

U.S. Newspaper Program Toasts A Decade, Plans Project Conclusion by Julie Bolding
The Aside Bar by Linda Henderson
Notes From The Chair by Charlie Campo
People by Catherine Kitchell
Free Books Lead To New Patrons At USA Today Library by Bruce Rosenstein
Public Broadcasting’s Belt Tightening and Other New Challenges by Kee Malesky
New Photo Keyword List Developed By Tribune Newspapers…list distributed by John Jansson
Edmonton Sun Library Takes A Bath
New Library Jobs On The Web by Pete Basofin
Vormelker-Thomas Student Award Applicants Sought by Catherine Cino
News Division Annual Awards Nominations Sought
1996 News Division Awards Banquet
Whaddya Mean You’re Not Open? I Used To Come In Here All The Time!” by Marcia MacVane
Results Of Informal Staffing Survey by Carolyn Edds
Investigative Reporters And Editors To Meet In Providence
In Memoriam: Sylvia Frisch by Bob Jansen

Liz Donovan

Liz Donovan started this blog in May 2003. It seemed appropriate to post here the message about her death that has been shared today on NewsLib and NICAR-L from Megan Waters at The Miami Herald.

From: Waters, Megan
To: The NewsLib mailing list
Date: Wed, Dec 10, 2008 at 10:15 AMjavascript:void(0)
Subject: [newslib] FW: Liz Donovan

All — We’re sad to report that Liz Donovan has passed away. -Megan

—–Original Message—–
From: Hirsch, Rick – Miami
Sent: Wednesday, December 10, 2008 10:06 AM
To: .MIA Newsroom
Subject: Liz Donovan


Liz Donovan, longtime news researcher at The Miami Herald and a good friend to many in our newsroom, died at a hospital in Gainesville, Ga. Liz had been battling lung cancer.

Liz worked with Woodward and Bernstein on the Watergate story (she is thanked in the book credits) at the Washington Post before joining The Herald in 1981. Here, she assisted hundreds of reporters on projects ranging from routine to investigative, before retiring in 2004 to Murphy, N.C.

She was a pioneer in database reporting and research, and her Infomaniac Blog was one the first of its kind. On it, she explains the name:

The “Infomaniac” title comes from a 1994 article about a new kind of news researcher by John Ullman in The Database Files newsletter. They named me Infomaniac of the Year that year.

We don’t have more details yet, but will share them when we do.

Rick and Anders

Rick Hirsch
Multimedia Editor
The Miami Herald

Catching up on the Conference

Great session today on the future of news libraries. With all the recent announcements about buyouts and layoffs, some of us expected this to be a depressing session. Conversely, I think most of left encouraged and optimistic about the future. I believe we got the full audio recorded on this session. Amy will be posting that once she has caught up on sleep.

The session this morning on “There’s gold in them thar files” also received great comments. You can view Elaine Raines presentation here.

The banquet Tuesday night had great food, drinks and company. Amy Disch presented the Vormelker-Thomas Student Award to Heather Cottle of the University of Missouri-Columbia. Chris Hardesty presented the Agnes Henebry award to Leigh Poitinger. Justin Scroggs presented the other Agnes Henebry award to me and also presented the Joseph F. Kwapil Memorial Award to Ginny Everett.

This Tuesday session, Using blogs, podcasts and newsgroups for competitive intelligence research, was pretty interesting. It was a session shared with the Competitive Intelligence Division and this presentation will not be posted to the Web. May have more information later about this.

I think there will be handouts forthcoming to the Web site from the other sessions on Tuesday that were not shared with other divisions, in particular the session on Web 2.0. Lots of interesting information from this session.

Although we had a smaller crowd at the conference this year, the silent auction on Monday night was quite successful. I don’t remember hearing who won the pair of underwear from the Cleveland Plain-Dealer so I’m guessing some lucky person got that in the raffle of leftover items at the banquet on Tuesday night.

Jessica had already posted on her and Derek’s great session. Keep checking the news division program for presentations and handouts. Several are up on that page.

And many pictures to come!

Gas Prices Across North America

With people gathered here from so many different places, I thought it might be interesting to compile a list of how much people paid for gas the last time they purchased it back home. List is below and I’ll add names post-conference.

Wisconsin State Journal/The Capital Times $3.97 per gallon
Detroit Free Press, $4.05 per gallon
San Antonio Express-News, $3.89 per gallon
The Columbus Dispatch, $3.98 per gallon
St. Petersburg Times, $3.93 per gallon
San Diego Union-Tribune, $3.56 per gallon (a few weeks ago)
San Francisco Chronicle, California–$4.79 per gallon, Oregon $4.19 per gallon (fewer taxes in Oregon), Washington per gallon $4.39 (this person drove here)
The Ottawa Citizen, $1.29 per liter
Los Angeles–$4.59 per gallon
Tulsa World, $3.79 per gallon
San Jose Mercury News, $4.54 per gallon
Naples, Florida, $3.96 per gallon
Muskegon, Michigan, $4.18 per gallon

Sunday Evening in the Suite

On Sunday night, we had the meet and greet of the mentors and mentees in the News Division Suite. Shira Kavon, who does an excellent job organizing this event, provided gift bags to the mentors and mentees. The bags included many items such as coffee from Pennsylvania, M&Ms;, a coffee mug and small magic 8 ball to ask questions about the future. When asked about the future of news libraries, a magic 8 ball responded with “Ask again.” It was an opportunity for newbies to meet experienced conference attendees. We got to catch up with colleagues we knew and meet some new ones. Heritage Microfilm provided some great appetizers and beverages, dinner for some of us.

Sunday afternoon CE Course

On Sunday afternoon, several people attended the CE course, learning about researching social connections using Web sites such as Facebook and MySpace. Attendees learned how social networking services must become a crucial part of news research. Meg Smith, from the Washington Post, gave a great presentation in person and then Catharine Skipp, from Newsweek, joined virtually for the second half of the class. Smith’s handout is here, also found on the SLA News Division Program page along with presentations and handouts from other sessions. Pictures from this session to come.

Tour of The Seattle Times

About 20 to 25 people met at The Seattle Times early Saturday evening. We enjoyed a virtual tour of the intranet followed by a tour of the newsroom. We also enjoyed some light refreshments. Miyoko Wolf, a Seattle Times news researcher whose desk is in the newsroom, welcomed us. Katherine Long, Research editor/Weekly Review editor, provided the tour of the Seattle Times intranet, which is called the Cafe. Items on their intranet include the upcoming story plan/budget, forms for making requests from different newsroom departments, telephone directories, database lookups, an experts list and resources for reporters. After learning about the Cafe, Katherine and Miyoko took us on a tour of the newsroom. All of the newsroom staff are located on the same floor, but the floor is not a wide open newsroom as it is in some other shops. Different departments are in different corners. Two librarians share the library with the investigative team. It was an interesting and great evening! See a slideshow of pictures from the tour here.