The News Division at SLA 2015

Saturday, June 13

News Division Board Meeting
News Division officers and appointed chairs report. All division members invited to attend.

Social Media: News Division Networking Event
News Division members and friends get together for a no-host dinner / pub crawl to start kick off the 2015 conference.
Meet at M.J. O’Connors bar at the Westin Boston Waterfront Hotel (the conference HQ at 425 Summer Street · Boston, Massachusetts, 02210) for a drink around 7:30.

Sunday, June 14

CANCELED – Saving the News: Collaborative Approaches to Digital Preservation (Presented By: news division)
The Digital Revolution shift from analog to digital communication has compounded the challenge of curating and preserving news content for future generations. How can content creators and curators work to prepare legacy archives and born-digital news — in myriad formats — for preservation? How can organizations make news preservation a priority? This session will bring together content creators and stewards. Participants can learn about the latest developments in the field discuss approaches to help bridge the gap between the short-term goals of news producers and the long-term needs of digital preservation.
Convention Center, Room 203

News Division Dinner
Details to be determined.

Tuesday, June 16

My Best Idea Yet
This structured discussion will be dedicated to library success stories. An opportunity to share great ideas that you have used to: generate new revenue; improve client services; preserve and repurpose archival content; introduce new apps or tools; add context or hard data to published content; or save the day. Participants should be prepared to share at least one “best idea” and will take away smart, practical tips to share with their colleagues back home.
Convention Center, Room 255

Breaking the News
Journalists talk about trending media issues, from covering breaking news stories in real time to building online traffic and readership across multiple platforms through social media.
Convention Center, Room 204B

Seattle Sketcher sketches news researcher David Turim

In his blog about life in the area, Seattle Times artist Gabriel Campanario wrote a nice post about news researcher David Turim, who recently joined the group of unemployed news researchers.  He included a sketch he made of David working at his desk, recommending him to potential employers.

Charlie Campo recognized by the Maine State Library

The Maine State Library recognized Charlie Campo for receiving the Joseph F. Kwapil Memorial Award at the SLA News Division’s annual banquet earlier this month.  Read about it here.

Former Bangor Daily News chief librarian Charlie Campo wins highest honor from news librarian association

The Bangor Daily News writes about Charlie Campo, who received the Joseph F. Kwapil Memorial Award at the SLA News Division awards banquet on Monday night.  Campo retired from the Bangor Daily News last fall, after 33 years of archiving and research in their library.  Thanks to Linda Deitch for pointing out the article, which can be read here.

News Researchers and News Librarians on Twitter

Vickie Makings of the The Denver Post started a thread on NewsLib about news researchers/librarians with Twitter accounts. Her post included most of the Twitter accounts included on this page. Other Twitter accounts posted to the thread have been added to this compilation of Twitter accounts:

Sandy Hall: Retired but still researching

This post launches a section about retired and former news librarians.  It will be used to catch up with them and learn what they are doing now.

Sandy Hall, an occasional NewsLib poster, might be retired from a news library but that hasn’t stopped her from doing research.  She is now a surfing historian.  Two recently published articles used her research.

The first article ran in The Times (of London) with the headline “Britain’s original beach boys” and was written by Andy Martin. It was published on April 9, 2012.  Sandy said it is about two famous Hawaiian Princes surfing in the North Sea of Great Britain in 1889.

The second article published in the Guardian on April 4th.  Written by Robert Booth, the article had this headline:

The Prince of Waves: new UK surf museum unveils sport’s noble roots
How UK surfing flowed from upper-class pioneers such as Agatha Christie and Edward VIII riding reshaped Cornish coffin-lids to the mass sport it is today

Sandy said that article describes the Prince of Wales (later Edward VIII) two visits to Hawaii in 1920.  He surfed and the article includes a photo.

Both articles coincided with the opening of the British Surfing Museum in Devon.